How to Change Brake Discs and Pads

Changing the brakes on your car may sound daunting, but with basic mechanical skills and tools it is very achievable if you take your time. (Link here to new Discs & Pads)

renault megane disk brake

Step One – Removing Brake Pads and Caliper.

Once you have your wheel off you will see the brake disc with the caliper and pads to the right as below.

To remove the caliper, remove the two bolts (12 or 13mm) on the rear top and bottom of the caliper. You should then be able to slide the caliper off to the right. Leave it out of the way, without putting too much strain on the hose. The pads will now be sitting in the caliper holder, you can take these out by hand.

Step Two – Removing Brake Disc

Now that you have the brake pads and caliper out of the way you need to remove the caliper holder. This is held on from the rear by two larger bolts. When this is off you need to remove the two set screws holding the disc to the hub. These can be often be hard to get off and may require drilling out or some heat. An impact screwdriver is the best way to remove these if you have one.

Step Three – Refitting

Reassembling is the reverse operation. However, when it comes to putting on the new pads you will find that the caliper will not fit back on since the new pads and disc take up a larger thickness. To move the piston in the caliper back use a caliper pushback/rewind tool or a g-clamp. Dont forget to loosen lid of fluid resevoir or loosen bleed screw before doing this.

The video below shows all the steps for removing the brake pads and discs on a mk2 megane…