How to change the headlight bulbs in the Megane 2

  1. Remove the wheel in the arch where the lightbulb is
  2. Open the bonnet and unscrew the black plastic cover from above the light mount
  3. Remove the little cap in the wheel arch to gain access to the light
  4. Unscrew the protection cap from the back of the mounting
  5. Before removing any lightbulbs, wiggle the back of the one you think is the problem and confirm by looking at the front as to which is moving
  6. Remove the metal clip from around the bulb by squeezing it either side of the bulb
  7. Carefully remove the wiring from the back of the bulb
  8. Take out the old bulb and insert a new one. It doesnt screw, it just sits – safely! Ensure it is square inside the bracket though
  9. Replace the clip around the light
  10. Add the wiring to the back of the bulb and test.

Full photo tutorial guide available HERE

Heres a video tutorial off the process. Its in French, but still useful!