how to bleed clutch

How to Bleed a Concentric Hydraulic Clutch

Even the smallest bubbles in the hydraulic system can cause issues with the clutch working properly. The system must be bled in two locations: Between reservoir and bleed valve Between…


Renault 1.5DCI K9K Engine overview

The K9K is a family of straight-4 turbocharged diesel engines co-developed by Nissan and Renault. They have been in production and widely used since 2001. The turbocharger is provided by…


Renault Megane OBD2 Diagnostics Socket location

Renault Megane mk1 (1996 – 2003) The obd port on the mk1 is located in the main fuse box, behind a plastic panel on the right hand side inside the…

Renault menage radio

How to wire aux cable to Renault radios

This is a quick step by step guide showing how to wire in an auxilary ipod/mp3 cable into the most popular Renault radios found in most meganes, clios, trafics etc…


Renault Megane NCAP Crash tests – All models 1990 – 2014

Below are the NCAP crash test videos and results for the 3 version of the Megane that Renault have produced. 1999 Renault Megane I 2002 Renault Megane II 2004 Renault…

How to change rear brake bulb in the Renault Megane 2

How to change rear brake bulb in Megane 2

This relates to the most popular hatchback model. Open the boot. On the edge of the boot opening, next to the rear lamp cluster, there is a round plastic cap….


How to change the headlight bulbs in the Megane 2

Remove the wheel in the arch where the lightbulb is Open the bonnet and unscrew the black plastic cover from above the light mount Remove the little cap in the…

Renault Wheel Fitment Guide

How to measure your wheel PCD

PCD stands for Pitch Circle Diameter. Also Known as Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD). The Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD) (or Pitch Circle Diameter – PCD) is the diameter of the circle…

Renault Wheel Fitment Guide

Renault Wheel Fitments – pcd, offset & bore

Wheel Fitment Guide for most Renault models. Model Year Range PCD (mm) Offset (mm) Bore (mm) Avantime 02 to 03 5×108 35 to 45 60.1 Clio MK1 1.2 to 1.8…

Renault radio removal

How to: Remove Renault Radio and input code

If you have lost connection with your battery or had to replace your radio in the your Renault you will need to input the code. But firstly you will have…